ePac logistics services

Logistics has a considerably effect on the competitiveness of companies, as logistics expenses amount to more than a tenth of companies’ business turnover, on average. The majority of the lifespan of a packaging product is spent on transfers and storage. With our ePac service, we can work together with our customers to find solutions for maintaining the efficiency of the supply chain and for lowering expenses.

Our ePac service includes inbound, inhouse and outbound logistics solutions, starting from the analysis of the current state of the supply chain and optimised modelling to practical solutions and operations at our own and at the client’s premises. Our storage and material management equipment as well as storage management is designed to meet the specific requirements of every client.

Before the implementation decision, the current situation will be mapped, and the benefits of the ePac service will be measured together with the client.

Our strong know-how is based on long-term experience with our own and our clients’ processes, and we use this competence daily to improve the competitive advantage of our clients regarding packaging logistics.

If space, time, human resources or funds are limiting your packaging operations and its development, don’t hesitate to contact us: we can provide a great foundation for a successful ePac operation. Not only do we create good solution models, we also implement them. How can we be of service to you and your company?


Kari Saloniemi

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