Our pallet production is the pride of our company, and we think that pallets are the foundation of your entire packaging needs.  We manufacture, sell and distribute new disposable, customised and standard pallets and pallet covers for industrial, commercial and logistics purposes throughout the entire country. The pallets are manufactured at our four production facilities, using efficient automated pallet lines. We also take care of producer liability by collecting and recycling exchangeable pallets and pallet collars, for our customers’ needs as well as for other means of utilization; you can read more about our collection and recycling service here.

The quality of the pallet is first and foremost defined by customer requirements, their precise specifications and any information related to the purpose and method for using a pallet. Our products are manufactured in domestic sawmills, using timber compliant with quality standards for soft timber, refined throughout our entire process to become a functional pallet, delivered at the right time and in the right quantity to the place specified by our customers. You can also get fibre and plastic pallets through us.

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Toni Jämbäck

new pallets,
pallet covers and collars

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Sami Kalliokoski

new pallets,
used pallets

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Disposable and customised pallets

Our range includes the most commonly used dimensions as well as customised pallets and structures, from one-off batches to large-scale production.

The pallets we manufacture can also be used for export logistics, and they will be stamped with IPPC ISPM-15 markings in accordance with the requirements of the country of destination. All pallet models can be branded with the client’s own logo or business name, using pyrography or ink.



Naturally, we can provide suitably-sized covers for any pallets we manufacture, to give additional protection for your packaging. The covers are made from fibre, plywood or other sheet materials, as required.

We can provide pallet collars in standard sizes as well as in customized sizes. All collar models can also be branded with the client’s own logo, using pyrography or ink.



We are a quick and reliable supplier of functional and sorted EUR and FIN standard used pallets, disposable pallets and pallet collars. The prices of used pallets are based on the quality grade of the products. If necessary, we will sort pallets also according to the customer’s requirements.

If you want to get pallets quickly at a sensible price and in an environmentally friendly way, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.