Earthpac Oy

Redeemed trust since 1995

Our story

We provide our packaging services based on the principle known from the world of Formula 1: you are only as good as your last race was. We have operated like this since our establishment in 1995. It follows from our attitude that we need to win each new job through impeccable performance of the previous assignment. We have earned many expressions of trust and grown into a manufacturer of 3 million packaging products on the annual level.

In addition to timber, fibre, and plastic packaging products, we offer our customers various customised warehousing and logistics services. We manufacture packaging products for nationwide service at five factory facilities. The units at Äänekoski, Kouvola, Lieksa, Hämeenlinna, and Kruunupyy cover Finland geographically, but our packages travel without frontiers in international logistics as well. We are a growing player in the industry, but the attitude and roots of the company remain the same. Haapajärvi is still the company’s domicile. In addition to Haapajärvi, administrative and sales activities take place at Oulu and Nurmijärvi.

Our confidence in the long-term success of our mode of operation is based on Values, Attitude and Expertise. In addition to these three factors, our operation is defined by responsibility. Our operation is certified in terms of environmental responsibility, and social responsibility is part of Earthpac’s daily routine. We offer our employees a safe working environment. To ensure integrity of the responsibility chain, we also require that our stakeholders adhere to ethical practices.

At Earthpac, in addition to service, expertise means the ability to solve problems. Our customers know what is required for safe transport of their products, and our experts will design the suitable solution. We have always operated this way – as a start-up company in the 1990s and as a nationwide leader in its field today.

Certified operation

Continuous improvement of operations requires a good foundation on which to build development work. Our footing is our certified quality management. Fact-based decisions in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, creation of added value for the customer, reliable operations, and ongoing development are the cornerstones of our daily operations.

Materials complying with the ISPM 15 standard are used in the timber packaging products we manufacture. No substances or organisms detrimental to timber will accompany our wooden packages. This way, we ensure high-quality and safe worldwide transportation of products in our packages.

Responsibility in operation and management

Combined with the ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental system creates a set of activities for Earthpac allowing us to meet the ecological and social responsibility requirements in a certified manner.

Environmental responsibility has been part of Earthpac’s operations even before certification. The requirements of the ISO 14001 certificate are aimed at consideration of the environment in product manufacturing, business operations, and product life cycle. The operations are controlled and developed at our offices. In addition to our manufacturing operations, environmentally responsible approach is manifested, for example, in the purchase and recycling of used pallets.

Our responsibility to our employees, their working conditions and safety is the foundation of our ethical conduct. For service and development to be possible, the operating environment needs to be in order. We also require this from our subcontractors and other stakeholders.

Our operations are expanding – come work for us

In the last years, we have expanded our operations, especially at Äänekoski, Kouvola, and in our newest unit in Hämeenlinna. We continue to grow, and so does our staff.

Encouraged by positive development, we are constantly looking for excellent additions to our team. We are looking for both career starters and experienced professionals for various production, management, sales, and administration positions.

Feel free to leave us an open application – perhaps we’ll find the right role for you!