Combining efficient industrial packaging and responsibility

In March 2024, Earthpac renewed the EcoVadis rating on a silver level among the top 9% most responsible companies. This assessment is a continuous process for the company, as it constantly strives to be a promoter of more responsible and sustainable business.

EcoVadis is one of the world’s leading responsibility assessment systems. The evaluation method is based on internationally accepted principles of corporate responsibility reporting, such as the Global Reporting (GRI) guidelines, the UN’s Global Combat initiative and the ISO 26000 standard. Under review in the evaluation are the company’s responsibility processes in a wide area from the perspectives of the implementation of human and labor rights, ethical operating principles, environmental and climate responsibility, procurement processes and transparency.

Earthpac Oy is reaching to be on the top of industrial packaging industry, and it does so not only thanks to the top level of quality and environmental management, but also by committing to responsibility at all levels. The company proudly bears the stamp of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, which shows its commitment to excellent quality and environmental responsibility.

The company’s approach to the environment is clear, says company CEO Timo Nieminen: “All the wood we use is either PEFC or FSC certified. We ensure that the sustainable use of forest resources is a priority and we constantly improve our methods towards a more sustainable future.”

Responsibility at Earthpac also extends to its employees. Their well-being and safety are at the center of the code of conduct, reflecting the company’s deep commitment to the people who work for its success. This ethical foundation has been present since the company was founded.

Earthpac’s reputation as an “easy to do business with” partner is not just a motto. High customer satisfaction, and experience, have always been central goals, and they have guided the company’s operations since its early days. Earthpac operates in the Nordic markets and has established itself as a solid and reliable partner.

In summary, Earthpac Oy represents excellence in the industrial packaging industry in terms of both quality and environmental management. Its commitment to responsibility in the entire value chain, starting with sustainable forest resources and ending with the well-being of employees, makes it not only a desirable partner but also an example of responsible business.

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